Tuesday, September 24, 2013

some jazz i found

alice coltrane widow of john

blue nile

straight no chaser full album

"Locomotive" - 6:40 "I Didn't Know About You" - 6:52 "Straight, No Chaser" - 11:28 "Japanese Folk Song (Kōjō no Tsuki)" - 16:42 "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" - 7:36 "We See" - 11:37 "This Is My Story, This Is My Song" - 1:42 "I Didn't Know About You" - 6:49 "Green Chimneys" - 6:34 [edit]

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

newer dylan good as i been TO You"

as much as i rejected this and world as being continuations of the most disappointing dylan
albums "knocked out..." and "down in..." preceding...
i embrace "good..." as a real gem.
a document of dylans mastery of interpretation as earlier evidenced by the white wonder/bootleg covers..
a knowledge of folk running earth core deep flowing out into the vapid nihilism of the early 90s.

i still enjoyed knocked out, precious memories, they killed him...
i just hated the production...
thank you ... mr d

Friday, March 8, 2013

what drove us towards good music musings on dylan

80z reality is   so much milquetoast tripe, even by 80s standards,  no no no
"music" on top 40, i remember not being able to listen to radio 80z

... and three years later... somehow there were even less guitars...
since youve been gone, which i thought was an oldee by maybe boston, was actually a new song...

then, someone gave me beat old scratchy bob dylan records,
another side,
bringin it,
greatest hits.

they captured me. 

like a cryptic relic...
:"when the rivers freeze and summer ends..."" "tonight as i stand inside the rain"...
"i'll follow your casket.......................on a pale afternoon""
"a bird is not free from the chains of the skyway "

 then going and finding more including the mono blonde on blonde for a dollar,
there are amazing things, more funky and less fantasy than my previous favorite, bringing it all back home... i also had a hwy 61 mono, and it was just alright for me... blonde on blonde got stacked on the changer and re-stacked and repeated over and over... it was the conclusion to a bad high school date... then biograph
it wrapped up that and my complete awe and fascination with dylan... i wouldn't be as much into bob again until the bootleg v1-3 things about 10 years later. bob sad eyed lady it seemed like a nice funeral
b. o. b. also exposed bob as fakey and funky...
sexual: " we aint married, shes my friend"
pledging my time is a real low point and visions i never really liked its sprrawl over the place
obviously is great rnb temporary is alright, sweet marie... these are the rock n roll rnb jones he had to get on.. come on leopard skin and you go your way are not his best lyrics its about the groove,
the BAND   all in all its post adolescent high art from bringing it to b. o. blonde...
then it was onto heavy rock stuff for me having played these 5 dylan records over and over for two teenage years
and dylan back to folk jwh nashville sky new morning...

holy jesus did it hit my adolescent brain like a hammer... it had to go.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the most amazing drummer

yes Mr. Bushy, it is amazing to think that a drummer of your obviously groundbreaking talents which set a new direction for drummers and paved the way for the modern rock drummer is still not as recognized as such.